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Paper goods for Internet Bakery Suppliers of Cake Paper GoodsBy habit and desire I use many of the cake paper goods for cakes I was accustomed to at the bakery. They make baking a lot easier and, in most cases, better looking. While local craft supply stores, kitchen stores and grocery stores now may carry some of these they are usually quite expensive and not necessarily the best of that particular item.

If you bake a little or a lot, are a home baker or a professional, there are cake paper goods used in baking that make cake making so much easier. Parchment paper rounds that are sized to individual pans used for baking, corrugated cake boards on which to place the cake for finishing or presentation, gold boards that upscale the presentation and boxes to transport the cakes are essential in the bakery kitchen. Foil covered foam core boards, often referred to as drums, are essential for heavy cakes or wedding cakes.

When I owned the bakery, I would buy these cake paper goods from local wholesale suppliers. However, the internet has provided a venue that was not available when I started and one that should be looked into. There are places that will sell a little or a lot.

As I researched cake paper goods, I came back again and again to one source that consistently had the best prices for each of these items – I have also included at least one source that sells in smaller lots for each of these items.

When buying on the net, remember to check the shipping costs.

It is extremely important to research when looking to buy cake paper goods. I found one supplier offering 1,000 nine inch parchment rounds for $14.49 and another offering the same thing for $58.00. Parchment rounds are pretty much parchment rounds so the price difference is astounding.  They do vary in color from batch to batch but it doesn’t make a difference.

A word about While they have multiple suppliers of cake paper goods, the prices are almost always higher than if you just spend some time looking around. Money-wise it will be well worth it.

If you just make an occasional cake, buying from your local hobby, kitchen, or grocery store is fine. But if you make cakes on a frequent basis, it may pay to check out these sources for cake paper goods. I’m sure there are many, many more on line but these are the ones I came across in my search with good pricing.

Parchment pan linersthese eliminate the need to butter and flour pans. In order to get flat cake layers, I simply line my pans with parchment rounds, spray the center only and bake.

King Arthur has 48 rounds for $6.95 at  This is the best price I found on parchment rounds – $14.49 /1000/9″. This is a good price for 1,000.   Storage wise they come in a box 9 inches square and about 4″ high.. If you think these are too many, compare them to lesser amounts at higher prices. They also come in the following sizes – 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 10″, 12″.Assorted parchment for Internet Bakery Suppliers of Cake Paper Goods

The difference between parchment paper and wax paper as explained by Webstaurant.
Parchment paper is coated with silicone or Quilon to give it a non-stick, heat-resistant surface that makes it great for lining pans during baking. This eliminates direct contact between food and hot metal to retain moisture and give you a better end product. It makes food safer since food never touches the pan, minimizing the chance of surface contamination while also protecting plumbing and the environment since grease goes into the trash and not down the drain.

Wax paper, on the other hand, is coated with a wax like soybean or paraffin that makes it great for wrapping food while resisting moisture transitions in either direction, keeping moist food juicy, and preventing dry foods from getting soggy. Another reason wax paper is great for wrapping food is that you can safely write on it with a sharpie or apply tape for labeling and simple product identification. Unlike parchment paper, wax paper is not heat resistant and should not be used as a pan liner—many have tried to do so in a pinch, only to melt the wax and create a … “less than desirable” smoke, odor, and flavor in your baked goods (see: previous crayon inquiry)”.

 Waxed or Grease Proof corrugated boardsWaxed boards are preferable to unwaxed even though they are more expensive. Unwaxed boards will draw the moisture from a cake. Additionally, the bottom layer can absorb an off taste from the cardboard. Waxed boards prevent either of these. Also, if presenting cakes on a cake board, the waxed rounds make a much better appearance. The edges can be cleaned after icing a cake without smearing for a professional finish. Waxed and unwaxed corrugated rounds for Internet Bakery Suppliers of Cake Paper GoodsThe board on the left is unwaxed.  The board on the right is waxed.

If using cake boards for presentation or transportation, they should be at least 1 inch larger that the cake size. In other words, a 9″ cake would be put on a 10″ board.

There are times that you want to have a board that is flush with the cake such as stacked cakes. We stocked a number of sizes of boards for this reason, but if you are not in the baking business, it is easy to trim a larger board to fit.

If using as cake bases for stacked or heavy cakes, it is best to use two boards and turn one so the corrugation runs in the opposite direction before taping them together.Two corrugated boards with the corrugation in opposite directions for Internet Bakery Suppliers of Cake Paper Goods This make the board extremely strong. Having them in the same direction doesn’t provide the same strength and they can buckle.

The corrugated boards some in different sizes as well as rectangles.  If making 1/2 sheet cakes, they should be put on double wall or double thick boards.  These are heavy enough to hold the cake without buckling. Two rectangular corrugated boards for Internet Bakery Suppliers of Cake Paper Goods – waxed corrugated  boards or circles can be bought individually or by the case, which is a much better buy. They sell from 6″ to 18″ round boards as well as 1/4, 1/2 and full sheet waxed boards. They also sell the gold rounds with scalloped edges. – They sell  waxed corrugated boards and circles packed in 100’s in various sizes. They have the best price for waxed boards.

Gold Rounds – These are used to upscale a presentation. The gold foil finish and scalloped edges provide a finished look for cakes. At .17 per 10 inch round has the best price.  No matter where you get them, they will not always be the same gold color as can be seen in the photo.  They come in various sizes.Gold rounds for Internet Bakry Suppliers of Cake Paper Goods

 Cake Boxes – If transporting cakes, even occasionally, they are best boxed. Boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors with or without clear windows in the top. The windowless boxes are stronger. These boxes are not well suited to freezing and can be refrigerated but will pick up moisture from the refrigerator as they are made of thin cardboard.

They come in white which is the standard with a brown or grey interior color. They can also be found in kraft brown or several colors. They come flat with tabs that interlock. White box for Internet Bakery Suppliers of Cake Paper GoodsBrown interior of box for Internet Bakery Suppliers of Cake Paper GoodsThe top sides and lid are taped down outside of the box to avoid touching the cake inside. Assembled box for Internet Bakery Suppliers of Cake Paper GoodsBoxes should always be larger than the cake. For instance, a 9″ cake on a 10″ board would fit perfectly in the standard size box which is 10x10x5 1/2 inch box.  Round inside of a box for Internet Bakery Suppliers of Paper Goods for Cakes If you want to use this box for a smaller cake, just put a couple of pieces of masking tape formed into a circle to tape the bottom of the round to the box. – There are more boxes here than I have seen anywhere. Prices are high compared to other places but there is a huge selection of sizes and more colors. In addition, you can buy in smaller lots.

Foam Core Cake Boards – also referred to as Cake Drums are used to hold wedding cakes or heavy cakes. It is important here to get boards that are 1/2″ thick. There are 1/4″ thick cake boards but they are inadequate to support heavy cakes.  has a huge selection of the above.  While silver is the most predominant color, they boards come in various colors.

Pastry has not only been my profession, but my passion. If there is anything in particular you would like to see or any questions about baking or pastry, please let me know. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a post!
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12 thoughts on “Internet Bakery Suppliers of Cake Paper Goods

  1. Steven Ziegler

    Hey I work at WebstaurantStore and just came across your blog! Thanks so much for sharing my workplace with all of your fans. I do have a couple tips for those of you concerned about shipping costs.
    Keep in mind that we are a wholesale company, set up for bulk shipping. Everything from the way set up our distribution centers to our deals with shippers favors larger orders going to businesses. The shipping for that type of order is very cheap per item. However, that means a single item going to a homeowner can end up with a very high shipping charge per item–sometimes more than the item. So the two ways to get better shipping rates from us are to buy in bulk and to ship to a commercial location. Another blogger actually shared what she does to save money and I think it is a great idea: She shared our site around her workplace, and everyone picked out things they needed from our site and ordered together. That way they had a larger order going to their office, a commercial location, and that made the shipping way cheaper per item. Hope that helps and thanks again for sharing our site!

    1. hfletcher Post author

      Hi Stephen – thanks for the comment. I have a lot of professionals that follow the blog also which is why I gave at least two places to find whatever they are looking for. Are you suggesting that you do not want small orders? I can pass that along if yu wish.

      1. Steven Ziegler

        Definitely not suggesting that, it is just not what we target. I think what makes us great is that we truly are the source for the pros, but are open to serving anyone. But, being the source for pros also means are shipping rates are geared towards their needs, and that doesn’t always suit the home users needs. But like I stated, there are ways around that. You immediately save by having your order go to a business address, and then you can save more, per item, if you order more at one time. I hope that helps your readers! Great blog!

  2. Vera Parker

    I have a supplier of paper goods for my occasional needs, but I am more interested in where I may obtain the clear plastic containers for individual pieces of pies and cakes. These could be either pie-shaped or square, but with attached lids. Is there a retailer out there?

  3. Denise O Conklin

    Since St. Louis is close to southern Illinois, do you have a recipe for a regional favorite called White Pie?

  4. writingroz

    I love your website. Do you have any ideas for pound cakes that need to be shipped? I’ve seen the round tins for pound cakes but they are hard to find. Any suggestions where they can be purchased?

  5. Manisha

    Hi Helen

    Thank you for this post. I recently found a manufacturer and wholesaler of cake bases, boxes, parchments of all colours and sizes very close to my place. Sheer variety available in each product is a blessing. My favorite is the cake box bags they make. They looks so elegant and takes the packaging a notch above. If you wish then I will email you the pic of their cake box bag.


    1. Rockyrd

      Great info. For my purposes I have bought full sheets of parchment paper and used them whole or half or cut them for special sizes. They come in a large cardboard tube, easy for storage in my case.
      But I was not making the same sized cakes all the time. I purchased it by mail but found that the quality was so varied. Some were really cheap, flimsy pieces that burned on the edges when making cookies or small pastries.
      Sometimes I was making the same item so I could not get more than one or two uses out of them.
      I found other brands that were very heavy and could easily be wiped off to be reused several times. I ended up asking for samples to be sent to me from a few places to try them. No one would give me an exact co. name or weight.

      Not long ago I saw boxes of precut half sheets of parchment at a big box store. I asked the manager about it and he said they had smaller packs of 100 also available. I cant remember the price but they were cheap. I purchased some and when I got them home they were indeed very cheap, like a coated tissue but they worked out fine for a one time use on some half sheet cake layers I made. But not for cookies.

      I would love to see what a cake box bag looks like. Never heard of that. Would it work for a crumb cake? I am reminded as a kid, the local bakery would chop off a desired chunk of a huge crumb cake and slide it on a board into a waxed bag. It was sold by the pound.

      Thanks again Helen for sharing your knowledge with us. This is a fabulous blog. I know its time consuming for you. And btw, just had to purchase my second copy of your book ” The New Pastry Book” as mine is missing in action. Any chance of getting an autograph for it?

    2. hfletcher Post author

      Hi Manisha – I would love to see the cake box bag. If you don’t mind, I’ll pass it along. I know others would be interested also. Hope all is going well with you and your family.

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