Savory Tarts – Summers Bounty


French Onion TartThese Savory Tarts are cousins of the sweet variety and feature summers bounty as it comes into season. There are few foods as delicious as homegrown tomatoes that are in stores now.

Both of these Savory Tarts feature basil.  It is my very most favorite herb and it seems made for summer. The important thing when using fresh herbs in baked products is to bury them under the top of the dish. Many recipes call for chopping the basil and sprinkling it on top of the dish then baking it.  Doing this just dries the herb so there’s no reason to use fresh herbs.  But by chopping it and putting it in the recipe, not on top, it retains the flavor of fresh basil.

These are two Savory Tarts are my favorites and were popular at the take out shop.  Since they can be made ahead, they are perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner.

French Onion TartFrench Onion Tart

Go here for the original recipe.  This tart features the sweetness of caramelized onions, ripe tomatoes, calamata olives, basil, and Gruyere cheese in a yeast crust.   The crust can be made up to 3 days ahead if desired. Go low and slow when caramelizing the onions so they attain a deep brown but are not burned.  Stir often, especially as they start to reach the desired color.

Goat Cheese TartGoat Cheese Pesto Tart

Go here for the original recipe. This savory tart features an asiago cheese crust which is filled with roasted red and yellow peppers and topped with a goat cheese filling that includes cream cheese and basil pesto.  This is a perfect summer brunch, lunch or dinner entre.

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5 thoughts on “Savory Tarts – Summers Bounty

  1. Nikki

    Oh my gosh! You have come to my rescue. I invited a few people over on Sunday and did not want to do anything big or elaborate. This Onion Tart is just perfect. A nice salad to go along with it and now all I have to do is search your recipes for a great dessert.

    1. hfletcher Post author

      Hi Nikki – Lucky guests on Sunday. I love the French Onion Tart – different and satisfying – and you will have time to enjoy your guests.

      1. Nikki

        I am wondering if I double the recipe could I do this on a sheet pan, almost like a Focaccia For the number of people I will be having making 1 large one might be easier then 2. Although that makes it no longer a Tart and probably does turn it into a Focaccia!

        1. hfletcher Post author

          Hi Nikki – This works beautifully in a half sheet pan but you have to make 2 1/2 recipes to fill it. We did this all the time, cut then into small squares and served them as appetizers when we catered. Always a huge hit. These turn out exactly as the tart. Not at all like focaccia because the base is the same – very thin.

          1. Nikki

            Thank you for the 2 1/2 half, was going to have to figure that out. And I do like to leave the dough overnight I think it develops a more interesting/complex flavor

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