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Finished Shot 3The baking equipment and utensils featured here are from a chapter in my book “European Tarts, Divinely Doable Desserts with Little or No Baking”. At the end, I have added additional baking equipment not included in the book as it was strictly tarts, not all baking. I am often asked about the equipment I use and I thought it might be interesting for you to see it. So when you see references to the book, it is this book I am talking about.

I am in no way suggesting that to be a good baker you have to go out and purchase all of this baking equipment at once. My equipment was built up over the years as I needed it. Some of it came from the bakery when I closed it.

The baking equipment shown here is my personal equipment. Some of the equipment is new, some has been with me for many years. The important thing is not that you use what I do, but what works for you in each of the categories. Buy the best you can and the equipment will last a lifetime, as you will see in some of these pictures. Continue reading