Welcome to Pastries Like a Pro where you are going to learn the art of baking and pastry.

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With 25 years experience owning and operating a wholesale specialty bakery servicing hotels, restaurants and caterers, I am going to share a wealth of information I’ve gained over those years with you.  You are going to certainly find recipes, but just as important, the ins and outs of baking, why things happen – or don’t, (sometimes even worse), techniques and equipment.  Everything you need to help you become the baker or pastry expert you always wanted to be.

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Learning for me has always been one of the most important aspects of my life. When I opened my bakery, the learning curve was very steep and I almost fell off several times. But love of what I was doing and an intense desire to succeed, kept me motivated. I found it very different coming from a home setting into a professional setting. Learning how to make more than one or two desserts at a time was a necessity, even though we made, what many professional bakers would consider small batches. As important as it was to learn myself, it was necessary to teach others as the bakery grew. This blog represents my 25 years of professional baking and teaching.

I owned and operated my professional bakery, Truffes, Inc. for 23 years servicing hotels, restaurants,  hotels as well as making wedding cakes.  Our accounts were mostly upscale and everything we made was from scratch with the exception of raspberry filling and tiny butter pastry shells for petit fours after we stopped making them due to the volume needed.

I am presently the pastry chef at a four star, four diamond restaurant, appear regularly on TV and blog professionally for a magazine in addition to this blog.

My husband, a retired professional photographer, supplies the beautiful images that accompany my writing.

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