The New Pastry Cook

The New Pastry Cook, my first book, is out of print but is available on or EBay. I have seen it as low as .95 or as high as $187.00. A reasonably priced copy can usually be found.

The book features updated methods of making pastries. A color step-by-step section is included. Each of the thirteen chapters delves into one pastry with many variations. Many of the base recipes as well as their variations are made in the processor. One chapter on brioche, was featured in Bon Appetit Magazine in an article, “Sixty Second Brioche”. The highlight was the Brioche Pizza used on the cover. Using an updated method, it is possible to make Croissants or Puff Pastry in four hours – much faster than the normal 36 hours. Where a recipe could not be updated using the processor, I sought to make it easier or more foolproof.

Chapters included are: A Basic Batter, Butter cakes, Genoise and Spongecake, Meringue, Chou Paste, Murbteig Pastry, Viennese Pastries, Brioche, Puff Pastry, Croissant Pastry, Pie Crusts, Phyllo and Chocolate and Fondant. The Fondant recipe has appeared, with my permission, in “The Cake Bible” by Rose Levy Beranbaum, “The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread” by Amy Scherber and “Bake Wise” by Shirley Corriher”


The New Pastry Cook
Pages 352
Published: 11/1/1986
Size 9.1″ x 8.4″
ISBN: 9780688061685
Available on or Ebay