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Fondant wrapped for Marshmallow FondantNext week’s blog is the French Christmas extravaganza,  Buche de Noel.  At the bakery we always had fondant, pastailliage and almond paste around so making the holly berries was easy. We just tinted one of the items red and rolled little balls.

When it came time to figure something out for the holly berries for the Buche de Noel, I wanted to give you the option of making something as I think the berries add so much to the Buche.

As I researched different things, I thought the marshmallow fondant was the easiest and best for this small item. It could be scaled down to make a small amount and it could be tinted for the berries. However, all the recipes I could find on line required actual marshmallows heated with a bit of water. Then it would be turned out onto a work surface. Powdered sugar would be plopped on top and with greased hands the mixture would be kneaded, adding more sugar as necessary to obtain a workable fondant. Almost all the recipes made reference to the amount of kneading that went into it. When I looked at many of the tutorials, I knew I definitely didn’t want to do this.

So it didn’t take me long to figure out I would let the processor do all the work in a matter of minutes. It works like a charm. I have read that made in large amounts the fondant can be used to cover cakes. I have never tried the Marshmallow Fondant for that purpose.  But for the purposes of making small pieces and holly berries, this is more than adequate – and a whole lot simpler.

It should be made ahead, wrapped and refrigerated.  It can be made weeks ahead.  As it rests, it will firm up somewhat.  If, when you are ready to use it, it still isn’t stiff enough, just work in more powdered sugar as needed.

If you are coloring the entire batch, add the coloring when making in the processor.  Otherwise, just color what you need.  I found gel colors are much better than the liquid as they don’t add a lot of additional moisture.

I have broken this recipe down as far as possible and still be able to work it in the processor.  It can be scaled up if needed in a larger quantity.  The fondant freezes well also.

Marshmallow FondantIngredients for marshmallow fondant2 to 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar (225 to 285 grams 8 to 10 ounces)
1 cup marshmallow cream (4 ounces or 114 grams)*
1 tablespoon water

*There are two brands of marshmallow cream that I am familiar with – Jet Puff and Marshmallow Fluff. Either will do.

Place 2 cups of the powdered sugar in the bowl of a food processor.Powdered sugar in bowl for Marshmallow Fondant Add the marshmallow cream and water. Marshmallow cream and water added for Marshmallow FondantProcess until it forms fondant.  You can see in this photo there is not enough powder sugar and the fondant is saggy.Fondant processed for Marshmallow Fondant If it doesn’t get stiff enough, add more powdered sugar a bit at a time until it becomes firm.  Additional powdered sugar added for Marshmallow FondantYou can see in the photo below that the fondant is more firm and isn’t sagging.  
Finished Fondant for Marshmallow Fondant

The fondant will be sticky at this point so use a spatula to scoop out as much fondant as you can and place it on plastic wrap.  Fondant coming off spatula after being scooped from processor for Marshmallow FondantTo easily remove the remainder from the bowl, replace the blade and pulse the processor two or three times.  The fondant will come off the blade and be slung to the side where it can be scooped out with no trouble. Remaining fondant in the food processor for Marshmallow fondantFondant removed from processor blade for Marshmallow Fondant Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator.Fondant wrapped for Marshmallow FondantThe fondant will stiffen somewhat in the refrigerator.

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6 thoughts on “Marshmallow Fondant

  1. Manisha

    Hi Helen

    I am eagerly waiting for Buche recipe !!!

    I make my own fondant and gum paste for basic decorations and they work like a charm. Of course your recipe of fondant seems very simple. Will love to try it if I can get my hands on marshmallow cream/ fluff.


    1. hfletcher Post author

      Hi Manisha – There are so many steps to the Buche I decided to make the marshmallow fondant a stand alone. If I am done, I will post it on Saturday or Sunday. We made our own fondant also, but I have to say this is a whole lot easier and the processor makes it a snap. I will try it on a cake one of these days.

  2. Raffaella

    Hello Helen,
    I use the marshmallow fondant to cover cakes all the time and it works beautifully. The taste is far superior than the brands found in store.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. hfletcher Post author

      Hi Raffaella – We made our own fondant at the shop. It was always such a project but this is extremely simple. I agree that the taste of the bought fondant is lacking. Thanks for letting me know this does work for cars.

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