Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake


Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeLemon Raspberry Pudding Cake is a relatively low fat dessert but you can’t tell it from the taste. Some recipes for the Lemon Pudding Cake use butter but this recipe from my mother never did. I added the raspberries but blueberries would be great also. It can be made as a whole or individual dessert as you choose.

When you mix it, it looks like a very light cake batter. But as it bakes, it separates into two layers. The top is the lightest cake ever and the bottom is an intense lemon pudding with fresh raspberries.

You can see from the photo that this Lemon Raspberry Pudding “Cake” does not cut well. In fact you don’t cut it, you scoop it out of the pan with a big spoon. It’s definitely a “homey” looking dessert – but those are often the best.

This Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake is an easy recipe to put together but I have to tell you, my husband and I ate the whole 10″ cake one night – it is that good – or we are that bad!

Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeIngredients for Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake6 ounce package of fresh raspberries
2 large lemons
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup flour (35 grams or 1 heavy ounce)
1/3 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup + 1/4 cup sugar, divided, (180 grams total or 6 1/3 ounces total)
3 eggs, separated
1 1/3 cups milk (I use 2% but whole will work also. Don’t use skim)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray or butter a 10 inch glass pie plate or a any ovenproof dish that holds at least 6 cups for the whole one.  The ramekin used here is 1 cup.   Pour the raspberries into the pie place or divide them between the ramekins. Set aside.

Grate 1 tablespoon lemon rind. Squeeze 1/3 cup lemon juice. Set aside.

Whisk the flour, salt and 2/3 cup sugar together. Dry ingredients for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeDry ingredients for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeWhisk the yolks, milk, rind and juice in a small bowl. Yolks added to milk for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeLemon juice for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeLiquid ingredients mixed for the lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeAdd to the flour and whisk until completely blended.Liquid ingredients into dry for the lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeWhisking liquid ingredients into flour for The Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake

Beat whites until soft peaks form; Egg Whites for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cakeadd the 1/4 cup sugar slowly and Adding sugar to egg whites for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cakebeat until medium stiff peaks form. Whisk 1/4 of the whites into the flour mixture;Egg whites in batter for Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeWhisking egg whites into batter for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake pour this mixture over the remaining whites. Batter over egg whites for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake Whisk together using  a folding technique to keep from deflating the egg whites.Whisking all together for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeBatter completed for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake Pour the batter into the container or containers; Pouring batter over the raspberries for Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeFilled ramekin for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cakeplace in another larger pan.  Place these on a rimmed tray to make it easier and less dangerous to handle the pans underneath when they are filled with water.  Containers for water baths for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeFilled containers on a tray for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeFill it with water about 1/2 way up the pan or as high as it will go without floating the dishes. Pouring water into water bath for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding CakeBake for 45 to 50 minutes for the 10″ until puffed and golden. For individual ramekins it takes about 25 to 30 minutes depending upon the size of the ramekins.Finished ramekin for the Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake

Serve warm or at room temperature.  If making the large single Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake, serve large spoonfuls as opposed to trying to cut it.

Yield:  1 large dessert makes about 6 servings or 4  one cup servings in individual dishes.

Store in the refrigerator (if you have any left).

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11 thoughts on “Lemon Raspberry Pudding Cake

  1. ellen graves

    So I actually hustled out and MADE this. It has a close resemblance to the recipe I’ve used since forever, from the 1970s Fannie Farmer. But cutting out the fat, increasing lemon juice and above all the raspberries!! make it even more wonderful. Yay for Helen!! We gobbled it, just the 2 of us…!

      1. ellen graves

        And how! In fact I’m thinking of another go round, maybe with lime instead of lemon. Lime goes beautifully with raspberries, we’ve got more of them in the freezer, and friends are coming to supper in a few days’ time. We’ll have to make the ultimate sacrifice and SHARE it with them. They don’t know their luck!!

  2. apricotsilk

    Hello Helen,
    This works wonderfully well as a Gluten free. It reminds me of the old Queen of Puddings..with a twist. Thank you.
    Trust you are fit and well….
    Janet & Smokie the kitty

  3. sallybr

    oh, this is clearly a dangerous cake! I know you and your husband are totally guilt-free on this…

    I can see how a person would loose control…

    beautiful production!

  4. Nikki

    This is an old recipe. I have it in a Betty Crocker cookbook I got in the late 60’s or early 70’s.
    It is just above the Hot Fudge Pudding Cake that I have always wanted to like but just seems to fall flat of flavor. The Lemon Pudding Cake while much like this one also seems to lack flavor. Your recipe however might solve the problem. Yours contains less sugar and more lemon and to me that translates to more lemon flavor. I am glad that this has been updated to increase flavor.
    I love the addition of the raspberries and plan on doing a little shopping this week. You can bet that berries and lemons will be on my list.
    Thank you again for a wonderful recipe and beautiful step by step photos.

    1. hfletcher Post author

      Hi Nikki – I agree the chocolate pudding cake is not very intense. My mother’s mainstay as far as cookbooks was The Joy of Cooking. I still have her original copy that has been pasted and taped together. I have found that a lot of the early recipes were more timid when it came to flavoring. I also think we, as a nation, have grown fond of more intense flavors and I’m all for that. Enjoy your dessert this weekend.

  5. Manisha

    Hi Helen

    So happy to see pudding cake recipe. The way cake bakes into thin layer of light cake on top and custard below is magical. So light and refreshing. Thanx for sharing this recipe. I have been making lemon pudding cake for years. But over the last few years it got dropped from my baking list. Dunno why!!! Now I am tempted to make it.


    1. hfletcher Post author

      Hi Manisha – I’m glad to see this sparked renewed interest in this very old fashioned dessert. Hope all is going well.

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